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How to Become a Member

Christians are members of God’s household (Eph. 2:19) called to participate and minister within the body of Christ. A healthy church requires members who are sacrificially committed and well-equipped to do the works of service that God has prepared for us to do (Eph. 2:10; 4:12).

  • Talk with the Pastor or a Deacon and share with him or her how you came to know Christ as your Savior;

  • During the Invitation at the end of a Sunday morning service, come to the front of the sanctuary so that the Pastor or a Deacon can introduce you to the rest of the WHBC family;

  • Be baptized by immersion if you haven’t already been



Being a member of WHBC is really about being part of a family, unified by our identity in Christ. This unity is expressed in the way we collaborate in loving God, loving fellow Christians, and loving non-Christians. Church members are called to a higher degree of responsibility and service than are those who just attend but never join. At the same time, our church leaders are called to assist members first and foremost, to love and lead, provide counsel and aid, and pray for, teach, and guide them.

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